Now TOOLBOX-THE CREATIVE MIND is a PAN INDIA training center for all over cities in India for Online Training & Design Programs with Virtual Training.

“Pan India” refers to something that is applicable or available across the entire geographical extent of India. It implies nationwide coverage or involvement, encompassing all states and territories of the country. Interior Designing Courses in Mumbai.

“Design programs all over India” refers to ,TOOLBOX THE CREATIVE MIND a educational programs or courses in the field of design offered in multiple locations throughout the country. These programs are available in different cities or institutes across various states of India. Their will be a wide range of design education options available in different parts of the country, providing aspiring designers with opportunities to pursue their studies in various regions.

Online Training on all Design & Technical Training skills would be available on virtual classes.From Interior Design /Fashion Illustrations/Graphic Design/Vector Illustration and many more Crash Courses for Foundation Drawing would be available asper candidates flexible schedule

Best Interior Design Courses overall the states in arranging and evaluating in-dept knowledge with theoretical and practical training.

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TOOLBOX mainly provides Virtual design classes with projects and exercises refer to online design courses that provide a comprehensive learning experience through virtual platforms. These classes typically include practical projects and exercises to enhance the learning process and allow students to apply their skills and knowledge in real-world design scenarios. Graphic Designing Courses in Pune.

To reinforce learning, virtual design classes may also incorporate exercises and practice sessions.

These exercises can involve activities such as sketching, prototyping, digital design simulations, or engaging with design software tools. They provide hands-on experience and help students develop their practical design skills on the software’s.

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