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3D Animation Course in Hyderabad

3D Animation Course in Hyderabad


No matter whatever age group you belong to, Tom and Jerry and Disney characters are all time favorite. When these visuals are played on television or on our phone it is hard to believe that they are just cartoons with no presence in real life! Isn’t it? That’s the power of animation. It is a process of drawing, making layout and preparing photographic sequences and most importantly designing using the technologies to give life to a character or still images. Animation has a potential to entertain, exaggerate, simplify a complex process. For instance, a video in an animated form can be created to explain kids about the most sensitive issue such as sexual abuse. These videos will be designed in such a way for a kid to understand the concept and easy for parents/teachers to convey the message.

An animation is not only about creating cartoons or different creatures; it is an art of creating an illusion and bringing it to life. With an awesome vision and imagination, one should be able to craft a creature into something real. The entire framing of a creature to life is dealt by an animator. An animator needs a sharp thought in carving ways to give a cartoon its shape, character, and behavior.

With the right 3D animation Course given, a person can transform into becoming an animator. Not only the proper use of the tool is important, in fact, the deepest vision of creating a fictitious environment is the vital key to taking animation as a profession and interest.

Animation and specialization go hand in hand. You might not be a visionary first, but with continuous creation of characters and its livelihood would transform the imaginary skills within. If the audience prefers watching the character created, or liked reading a story of a cartoon, and repeatedly performs the same task, a person transforms into an animator.

Basically, the most important job role is met when the audience reacts to the characters. Use of the software is the most, but without imagination, the animation would be nothing!

Why should one learn animation?

A person who learns animation and animates is called as Animator and he or she can learn this skill via various courses and training such as a 2D animation program or 3D animation course in HyderabadAnimation is a promising career choice and the scope of growth is unlimited. After completing 2D or 3D animation coursean animator can choose to work with an advertising company, web designing, film industry, special effects, developing games, video making and many more sub fields. Animation is essential part in the entertainment and IT industry. Students who complete 2D animation program and 3D animation course in Hyderabad successfully are open to vast opportunities to implement their acquired knowledge and skills. Apart from IT and entertainment, advertising is one area where animation is used extensively to attract more business and customers.                

Animation on a personal level allows expressing, without any restriction using the visual medium. It allows the individual to express themselves in a most fascinating or off beat way. Combination of creative mind and technology can create magic and communicate visually in a brilliant way. Animation industry is getting more and more attention each passing day, and is open for people who have talent and passion.

Importance of Animation

Animation is everywhere and used in day to day life. It is the only medium which brings life to the fantasies and imagination. Right from school to small, medium and large scale business, animation is put to use to the maximum. Teachers implement animation videos as a part of teaching and explaining the concepts easily and clearly to the students. There is no business which does not have its presence online. Advertising and marketing is done using animation to reach customers globally and increase sales. Companies create animated videos to explain about the product and services in a simpler and effective form to acquire position in market. Animation has created its place in all the domains such as cartoons, gaming, business, films and the list goes on. Animation is used so extensively because it is an excellent way to communicate the ideas and concepts of all kinds to all age group of audience.

Animation is largely used in social media platform to convey social messages effectively in less time as there are large numbers of people active all over the globe on social media platform. The world is moving towards digital mode with gadgets like I pads, laptops and smart phones, and animation cannot be separated from these gadgets as video games, and animated movies are watched on day to day basis. A well animated film will touch the audience emotionally, it can make you laugh hard or make you cry. There is lot to convey via an animated film or video. It tells a story which holds the attention and continues to stay with the audience even when the film or the video is over. Animation also offers escape to the animator from the mundane work which most of the population is engaged on day to day basis. The most important factor of animation is imagination, so when creating a design or a character the imagination and the creative mind is active to the full mode compared to a person who works on spread sheet or on emails.

Let’s also understand what 2D and 3D animation is all about.2D animation is the process of making a two dimensional artistic space where as 3D animation is the process of making a three dimensional moving pictures or images in the virtual environment. There are many users who prefer the combination of 2D and 3D to present a more natural animation. 3D animation techniques are mostly used in film making, gaming industry, medical and many more whereas 2D animation is used in advertisements, cartoons, e-learning etc. You have choose right Animation Training Centers in Hyderabad.

Animation Course @Toolbox Creative

Toolbox Creative is a group of creative minds and with an amazing faculty team who are experts in interior and exterior designing. Our forte is to make students aware of recent technologies in animation and of course, learning is based on practical knowledge for catering better experience. Choose this high-paying animation field and become an animator for taking a giant leap of success in your life. Tool Box is a best 3D Maya animation institute in Hyderabad, For more details on animation, course check the details.

Softwares Used

Softwares Used

Duration: 1 Year

Autodesk MAYA & SPCL


Autodesk 3d MAX & SPCL


Eligibility: Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop

Softwares Used

Career Opportunity

2D Animator

3D Animator


Character Animator

Layout Artist

Texture Artist

Image Editor

Lighting Artist

Key Frame Animator

3d Modeler


Lighting Artist

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